June 28  –  July 2,  2017: 13th Edition of Bucharest International Film Festival

bieff13poster          Bucharest International Film Festival is a competitive festival dedicated to feature films only; is organized by Charta Foundation. The objective of the festival is to promote international independent film, supporting the production and distribution of Romanian film as well. The festival aims to create a platform for the international cinema industry.

 The sections

  • Official competition
  • Venice
  • Retrospectives
  • Night of comedies
  • Children’s week-end
  • BIFF Talk: Work-shops, round tables, Q& As

Festival program

All films in the official competition will be screened twice.


Registration is free of charge.

The official registration form must be filled out online on the Festival website (www.b-iff.ro). Copyright holders of the films who intend to participate in the Festival must send a DVD, a streaming link or upload a file following the procedures indicated on the entry form, along with the plot of the film and the filmmaker’s bio, by and no later than 15th of January, 2017.

The streaming links (Vimeo or others) should be sent to the following email address: office@b-iff.ro

The shipping costs of all materials submitted for selection are to be covered by the entrants. The DVDs of the films which are not selected will not be returned.

Selection and results

The selection of the films is final.

The Selector will see all submitted films; selected films will be announced online by the organizers/the selector.

In order to enter the competition, the submitted film has to be a Romanian premiere, first or second film of the director, except the Romanian productions.

Acceptable formats

All films should be delivered in DCP, 35 mm; Blu-ray format is accepted.

All films, including the Romanian ones have to have English subtitles.

Deadline and shipping costs

All screening materials should be received by March 15th of March, 2017

The shipping of screening materials is taken in charge by the submitter.

If films don’t arrive on time due to shipment delay, the festival reserves its right to cancel the screening.

The festival will return all films by 15th of June 2017, or by the time they are requested by the distributor or another event.


  • GRAND PRIX: 5.000 euros
  • Best Director: 2.500 euros
  • Best Script: 2.500 euros
  • Critics’ Award: 2.500 euros
  • Jury’s Award: 1.000 euros
  • Audience Award: 1.000 euros


  • International “Big” Jury (5 members)
  • Cristics’ Jury (3 members)

The members of the juries have to watch all films together.

Foreign guests are going to be accommodated by the organizers.

All films will be watched during the scheduled screening, in the format previously established.



Bucharest International Film Festival

13A, Rabat Street,

011835 Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania

Tel/ Fax: 004021 2308888

office@b-iff.ro; www.b-iff.ro

BUCHAREST INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL AWARDS will be granted in money, post-production services, or simple Diplomas. BUCHAREST INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL reserves it rights to offer “diplomas” in order to stimulate young filmmakers   In order to benefit of the post production services the undersigned should contact the festival till the 15th of June 2017.

The undersigned understands that the BIFF is not a traditional film festival and that it is an awards competition. The undersigned is responsible for providing the BUCHAREST INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL with all up-to-date mailing contact information for results correspondence and results letters as requested.