Romanian president Klaus Iohannis moves British flag during EU press conference

Union-917483THE clip of the Romanian President moving the Union flag away from his face – as well the EU flag – during an press conference quickly took social media by storm.

The Romanian President Klaus Iohannis suddenly paused his own press conference at today’s EU summit in Brussels just so he could move the UK flag out of shot.

In the short clip, which later went viral, the European leader was talking about Brexit when out of the blue he stepped forward to move the Union Jack out of the way.

Users on social media bemoaned the “petty act” while others joked that the clip perfectly summed up what Brexit means.

The Union flag had been on display along the press conference gaggle – ironically standing next to the European Union emblem.

It remains unclear what prompted Mr Iohannis to suddenly move the flag out of view.

One pro-Remain social media group tweeted: “The Romanian president moving the UK flag at the EU press conference this morning perfectly sums up the reality of Brexit.”

However, other account criticised the move as ridiclous and petty.

Speaking to the press, the Romanian leader said the most urgent Brexit issue to resolve were the European citizens themselves, naming Romanian residents in the UK in particular.




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