InvestingRomania platform launch – Official opening of the trading session

Bucharest Stock Exchange invites you on April 11, starting 9:15, at the official opening of the trading session on the occasion of the launching of InvestingRomania platform. The interactive platform InvestingRomania is a powerful tool that will connect listed companies on the Bucharest Stock Exchange with financial analysts and investors.

InvestingRomania represents in the same time a central point of information on investments in Romanian top companies for shareholders, investors, journalists and for the general public. The information published on InvestingRomania platform, collected from multiple sources, will provide an overview of the local market for current and potential investors. The project is developed by Bucharest Stock Exchange and Agerpres news agency.

Location of the event: Bucharest Stock Exchange, 34 – 36 Carol I Boulevard, 14th Floor.

Participation to the event is free of charge but subject to the registration on website.Slides-Investing-Romania-Launch-EN


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