UK opens the doors to female entrepreneurship and Romanian women entrepreneurs

Because of the success with over 2000 Romanian female entrepreneurs, the conference ”They Have Succeeded” will cross the country borders, third time this spring, to promote female entrepreneurship in London. This international event is organised by ELITE Business Women together with the Romanian Embassy in London,  Romanian Cultural Institute in London and will take place on 13 of May 2017.

cover-Londra-NOUThis international event aims to bring together entrepreneurs from all over UK, to introduce successful business models initiated by women and to show the benefits of diversity and exchange of know-how between men and women entrepreneur.

Key Note Speakers, are Bianca Tudor, Founder & President Elite Business Women, Sonia Brown, Founder& Director National Black Women Network , Sylvia Stevenson, Principal Manager, Service Strategy in a multinational company and Founder, DiverseWithUs Coaching Consultancy, Mavis Amankwah Award Winning Entrepreneur Diversity & Inclusion Expert, Colin Lindsay, Managing Director The Apha Group International.

At this event, the participants will debate subjects like: current context of female entrepreneurship, problems that women as entrepreneur, can encounter, models of women entrepreneur, how they succeeded when facing failure and also the most important instruments that female entrepreneur use to develop their business , all over the world.

The international conference „They Have Succeeded”  is the second edition in London, after October last year and Lisbon, Portugal. In Romania, the national campaign, took place 6 cities: Bucharest, Constanța, Cluj-Napoca, Rîmnicu Vîlcea, Brașov and Iași and brought together over 1300 women entrepreneur, 70 speakers and mentors and over 120 partners.

„They Have Succeeded”, is an unwritten guide for female entrepreneurship that is made to inspire at an international level and to send a positive message: „Yes, we can do it”! This idea came from the need of having and promoting more models of female entrepreneurs, of knowing their success, their way of dealing with challenges and the  motivation of this women.  Women  are more and more important for the world market, not just as workers or consumers, but also as entrepreneurs, managers and investors. The national campaign „They Have Succeeded” is a stunt that brings together not just dozens of women speakers, but hundreds of ladies entrepreneur that are NOT VIP, that don’t have any media invented stories, but they just succeeded through hard work and ambition, said Bianca Tudor, president of  ELITE Business Women.



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