Dear Mr Cameron


The time has come for the Romanians in the United Kingdom to say stop! We have followed for a long time now the declarations full of ridicule you made with in regards to our community in the UK, and we believe that we have heard enough, maybe even too much! We cannot go on like this, it is humiliating!

I would like to mention something here – Romania is one country, Bulgaria is a different one. We are not a family, we are different, we absolutely do not want to be lumped together as a “wholesale” in any public discourse made by the political representatives of your country.

When I look at the present general panorama in the UK, I see clearly an identical situation to that through which I have gone in 2007-2008, when I used to live in Italy. Silvio Berlusconi won an important swathe of the electorate by blaming the Romanians for anything and everything – we were the scapegoats for all the grave state issues they had at the time, both economic and political. It did not matter that, in their majority, the voters who elected Berlusconi were older and with a limited vision. Berlusconi was successful! This is how the whole of Italy got to accuse Romania and its citizens of the most absurd, aberrant and abject situations – although reality was so remote from it. We did not show attitude at the time; the Romanians just swallowed a lump in their throat, and lowered their heads. But now, that situation will no longer be repeated!

I believe that it is time for you to apologise to your own citizens for the shocking things you have publicly declared in the press this past year. The British people do not deserve to be manipulated in such manner. Because you are a country with high expectations of civilization and behavior, we are waiting for you to apologise to the Romanian people, but also to the British people whom you have lied to, panicked, and made bitter for nothing. No, we are not going to invade the United Kingdom, rest assured!

The subject of government hand-outs for which the Romanians would come to the UK is perhaps the most unsuitable affirmation; the statistics, as you well know, say something completely different about the Romanian community. We are a young community, with an appetite for work. Why would we come to the UK for state hand-outs, given that we could sit relaxed in our country, and nobody would slander and disregard us? We chose to leave Romania in order to make better earnings and to continue our studies, we are free to travel, this is a right! Those who commit mistakes on the territory of this country, be they Romanians or not, are people who, in general, do not show any respect for the law anyway; they must be punished accordingly: Romanians, other citizens from Europe or even further afield – irrespective of their nationality.

This campaign of denigration against the Romanians can only upset us and bring to the surface all that is worst in people. If you had the goodwill to know us better, you might understand more about a country of which you talk without knowing the subject, and whose people are absolutely delightful, in normal conditions. Enough with the pressures and tensions; is it not more useful to live harmoniously together, to develop together and to cooperate efficiently? How many Romanians do you know, besides the Romanian officials? I would like to present to you, enclosed, the magazine ROMANIA IN CONTACT – the only publication that sheds light on the stories of successful Romanians around the world. You will find inside just a part of the excellent people about whom the UK media does not write, as they “are not newsworthy”. I meet them every day, we are proud of them! They do absolutely wonderful things in this country they reside in!

As a proof of the fact that we have good intentions and we wish to know each other better, the team of ROMANIA IN CONTACT invites you to a dialogue, in a public interview with open, transparent and documented questions. We are waiting for you to make room in your already full agenda for one hour of face-to-face discussions. Show that you care! Thank you.

Daniela Vitelaru,

Editorial Director ROMANIA IN CONTACT magazine


4 thoughts on “Dear Mr Cameron

  1. This is not the way you talk to David Cameron, the prime minister of one the most powerful countries in the world.

    This letter will be ignored. It is like a small mouse squeaking in front of a mighty lion.

    Shame the editor of a Romanian publication living in the UK has not learned anything about writing a letter, an article and about diplomacy in general.

    Romanians are still in the small league when it comes to influencing the world.


    1. Dear Diana,

      I think the shame does’t have to be directed to me, but to those who don’t do anything at all to enforce the voice of Romanians who lives in Britain. I am not expecting for everybody to agree with my decision, and if the letter will be ignored, at least I have done something and I don’t mind to write another one. Fear and inferiority keep us in the position were Romania is at this point in time. You are, probably, one of those MANY resting nicely on the edge of society throwing stones in more courageous people’s head. Get involved properly, and fight a battle! Then let’s talk again!

      All the best,
      Daniela Vitelaru

  2. First of all I’d like to congratulate you for writing this letter and voicing your opinions and probably the thoughts of many others. I personally would have wrote it with a lot more anger and would not of pulled any punches.
    As for Diana is David Cameron not just a man who just happened to have landed a good job or have I missed something and he is in fact GOD. The fact that England has been an influential country is down to taking what we wanted when we wanted which is why we are in the mess we are now. Where as until people stand up and say enough is enough then things will never change. Unforantly too many people and I’m including you in this group live in fear.

  3. @Diana

    I salute this initiative of writing such a letter. A PM is just a man in front of God and a man will never ever be equal to GOD The Creator. If you as a Romanian national have lost your Christian faith in this secular island than I can only pity you. Faith is part of our identity and has never ever been crushed in our history by none of the great pagan empires (eg otoman empire). If you feel that a capitalist secular system will over-rule and brain wash our culture and identity than I can only pity you more. Faith is also part of our identity and part of our belonging system.
    It is highly regrettable that you have lost our values and believe that a PM is somewhere above other humans.

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