Romanian project “Colouring the Grey” at 4th Moscow Biennale

Saturday 24 September 2011 – Sunday 02 October 2011

The Romanian project “Colouring the Grey. Second wave of Romanian contemporary emerging artists”, curator Cosmin Nasui, artists Dragos Burlacu (foto 1), Francisc Chiuariu, Ana Maria Micu, Catalin Petrisor (foto 3), Bogdan Rata (foto 2), Aurel Tar and Zoltan Bela was selected within the Special Projects section in the fourth edition of Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (22.09-30.10.2011).

Nasui Private Collection & Gallery proudly presents the project ”Colouring the Grey” featuring seven premium Romanian artists under the leadership of the curator Cosmin Nasui.

Please join the ride in this extraordinary adventure: presenting Romanian contemporary art on one of the most important scenes of the contemporary art in extended Europe, both as prestigiousness and proportion, moreover that there has not been any Romanian participation in such important art events in the Russian space since Corneliu Baba and Romul Nutiu.

Talking about grey

Besides the concepts that turned into clichés like “New Europe” or “Behind the Iron Curtain”, during the last five years an Eastern cultural product was wonderfully revealing itself under the tag of ”school of grey realism”.

Grey can be found as a characteristic of contemporary Romanian art as well, as a colour of transition from communism to capitalism, as a state of mind of confused people, as a symbol of an entire society in search of itself. Grey is also a charismatic choice-of-colour to represent these troubled times, coming from states emerging and (some) joining European Union. On the other hand, this preference is partially entitled to be opted, as Eastern European contemporary art takes, without even spelling it loud, an anthropological role, thus becoming a reservoir of memories, an archive and a refuge for history to speak out and for artists to actively get involved in society. Therefore, it looks like art has lots of reasons to be covered in grey.

Talking about colour

Within recent years, Western European art markets and spectators have been well accustomed with the (grey) works of the Romanian artists from ”School of Cluj”, as these were circulated quite a lot across the exhibition places like museums, galleries, cultural centres etc. The special approach of colour of this School’s pupils has attracted lots of attention and expertise comments. On short term, this advertising of Romanian artists is very welcomed and appreciated. Furthermore, on a medium and long term, a diversity reach is needed, variety in terms of colour, technique, theme and concept but also in other arts (sculpture, that has not ended at Constantin Brancusi, conceptual art, video art, performance etc.)

Having drawn near our proposition, we acknowledge we have been scouting, discovering, monitoring and promoting some high-profile Romanian artists, in the last 5 years, all over Romania. We call them the Second wave of Romanian contemporary emerging artists and we invite you to explore them: Dragos Burlacu, Francisc Chiuariu, Ana Maria Micu, Catalin Petrisor, Bogdan Rata, Aurel Tar, Zoltan Bela. The artists cover quite extensively different parts of Romania, by actively securing important hot art points in the country: Bucharest, capital of the country (South), Timisoara (North-West, Banat), Bacau (East, Moldavia), Craiova (South, Valahia), and Cluj-Napoca (Central).

Curator: Cosmin Nasui

Venue: ARTPLAY Design Centre 

Event: September 23 – October 2, 2011

Opening: September 24, 18.00

Address: 10 Nizhnyaya Siromyatnichyeskaya, Moscow

Schedule: 10.00 – 21.00

”Colouring the Grey” is happy to welcome in its proximity space a Russian project produced by Alex Solodov Studio, named  ”Invasion. Artistic co-operation without Borders” and presenting the artists Sibylle Will, Alex Solodov, Fonci Villagran. Now, during the post-capitalism and globalization, where artists can communicate easily via the Internet a new way of artistic co-operation is online community where they can share ideas and exhibit their artworks quickly and free. This route offers a chance for artists who concentrated on his art without intention to join any movement.” (Alex Solodov)



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