If you want a job in my chippy you’ll have to speak ROMANIAN

When chip shop boss Greg Walker began his search for a new assistant, there were certain qualities he was looking for.They had to be hard-working, and punctual, willing to learn the ropes on the minimum wage – and be able to speak Romanian. The bizarre request was included in an advert Mr Walker placed at his local JobCentre in Hockley near Southend, Essex.

He inserted it after a previous attempt to recruit staff attracted applicants who were not interested in the job. But it has caused such a stir – with local residents flooding BBC Radio Essex with complaints – that the offending line had to be removed and an investigation has been launched.

Defending his request Mr Walker, 28, said: ‘I don’t feel I have done anything wrong. I have a Romanian worker here already who has been here a year. ‘It would have aided communication if they spoke Romanian too. But he does speak English and an English person could work here as well.’

Mr Walker also insisted he was only trying to make the job appeal ‘to a wider audience’. ‘I was discussing it with the JobCentre and I said I have got a Romanian member of staff here so it gives the Romanian community a chance to come and work here,’ he added. ‘Everyone is getting upset, saying I only want Romanians, but it didn’t say that. It said it was an advantage.’

So far no one has applied for the 45-hour-a-week position, which pays the national minimum wage of £5.93 an hour. Mr Walker’s father Colin, 64, who owns the business, said: ‘The last time we advertised we had three people turn up from the JobCentre. ‘It was clear they did not want the job. All we want is someone who wants the job.’
Sursa: Daily mail


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