Romanian culinary success at EXPO 2010 Shanghai

The traditional Romanian cuisine Restaurant inside the Romania Pavilion at EXPO 2010, “Maria Restaurant”, has received during the 83 days since the beginning of the world exhibition over 25.000 guests, which decided to try out special Romanian recipes.

Chef Florin Mihalache and his team of other three cooks are preparing day by day dishes for around 600 visitors.

The most popular Romanian dish at the restaurant are the special cabbage wraps with meat ( called “sarmalute”) – 150-200 portions of those are sold every day. The so-called “mici” (“small ones”, in Romanian), a special recipe for minced meet, are also among the preferred ones, with 600 pieces sold every day. On the menu the visitors can also fin special meatball sour soup, beef sour soup, lamb chops with rosemary sauce, beef steak with pepper sauce, eggplant salad and other goodies.

“Chinese visitors appreciate the menu offered at the Romanian restaurant because it is diverse and rich. For them it’s a completely new taste, but they seem to find it extremely tasteful. A Chinese couple which lived 20 years in Romania came in our restaurant. The first thing they asked was for was a sour soup, they said they missed an authentic Romanian sour soup”, the chef Florin Mihalache said.

The most beloved souvenir

At the souvenir shop inside the Romania Pavilion at EXPO the visitors have clear favorites when it comes to the product they want to buy as a remembrance from the visit at the Romania Pavilion. At the top of the list we can find a do-it-yourself apple figure (the symbol of the Romania Pavilion) – 60 of those are sold every day.

A special ceramic bottle with the representation of the Bran Castle on it is second in the preference of the visitors (40-50 pieces sold every day).

Another beloved souvenir is a traditional Romanian straw hat and 30 pieces of this product are sold daily.

EXPO 2010 enjoys a grown popularity during the summer days, when most of the people are on their holydays. Until the 22nd of July, almost 31 million visitors have entered the expo site. Since July 5, daily attendance has averaged higher than 400.000.

At the Romania Pavilion preparations for Romania National Day at the EXPO 2010 – which will take place in exactly one week from now – on the 29th of July – are being brought to an end.

Romania’s Day at EXPO 2010 is the most important cultural moment of the national presence at the World Expo, and it coincides with Romania’s National Anthem Day.

The National Day program runs throughout the day starting July 29, 2010 at 10.30 and ending with a large show, from 18.00 o’clock, in a 2.500-seat hall, with the performance of: the National Radio Orchestra, Grigore Leşe and Damian Draghici.

Sursa: MAE


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